VA Class A Contractor #2701027981


Take a moment to review some of Crews Construction & Asphalt Paving projects.

Averett/GWHS Track Revitilization
Danville, VA

Private/Public project. Subcontractor for a high performance paved surface. Tight tolerances and strick guidelines for a flat regulation track. ACTIVE

Danville Estates
Danville, VA

Private project. Grinding of old pavement, removal of debris, and pavement replacement at a large multi-unit trailer park. Road replacement & aesthetics.

Aspen Dental
Danville, VA

Private project. Parking lot and Danville Mall entrance repaving at Aspen Dental’s first office in Danville, VA. Improved aesthetics, parking, & traffic flow.

First National Bank
Chatham, VA

Private project. Parking lot redevelopment at the First National Bank’s Chatham branch. Improved aesthetics, parking, & water management.

Tuscany Grill,
Danville, VA

Private project. New parking lot with drainage basin, two entrances & over 20 parking spaces.

Southside Soccer Club
Blairs, VA

Private project. Drainage & field improvement for Southside Soccer Club’s main soccer field at the former Blairs Middle School.

Wayside Park
Hurt, VA

Public project. Resurfaced key pathways at Wayside Park in Hurt, Virginia to improve park accessability & aesthetics. 

Dollar Tree,
Danville, VA

Private project. Resurfacing Dollar Tree’s customer parking. Improved aesthetics & function.

Project Homesite
Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Private project. Creation of a smoother surface drive terminating at a lakefront home. Improved aesthetics & function.